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The Mint

Articles or publications about the mint are few and far between. Considering its importance in our more recent Numismatic heritage this is indeed a pity.

We touched on this topic during our discussions with officers from the Central Bank of Malta with whom we are busy working on a separate collab we are hoping to share with you all in the coming months.

Noel Galea Bason our local expert in engraving and minting too had shared his feeling with us that more could have been done to 1) save the mint and instead of do away with it improve and invest in its expansion and 2) at the very least give the Maltese Mint its due importance in shaping our currency's history. I attach a letter to the editor he penned on the matter.

Reading through various publications issued by the CBM one notes indeed that the mint is included, of course, but as a supporting entity or minor player. We look forward to the day when, as Victor Denaro had done in the 50s, one of our academics publishes a study on the Mint and its history in its entirety.

If you know of any such publications please do share these with us.

Simon Ellul Sullivan


Malta Numismatic Society

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