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Emmanuel Azzopardi's list of rare coins from the Spink coin Auction No 66, 1988.

L'Isle Adam lot 761 silver Tari,ex Glendining sale May 1974, lot 15, exceedingly rare, bought by Spink for a Swiss client. This coin was later sold at the LHS 99 Auction,24 October 2006, lot 52 for Sfr 12,000. Buyer unknown.

Homedes lot 762 silver four Tari dated 1552, same coin illustrated in RS3, bought from De Nicola, Rome 1982, bought by Seaby for a client in Italy, sold for £825. All the coins bought by Seaby were for the same collector in Italy. There were four, 2 Tari coins including the extremely rare having the figure 8 instead the date.

Jean de Vallette, silver 6 Tari, exceedingly rare, bought by Seaby for £2400.

Del Monte silver two Tari lot 797. Verdalle silver four Tari,a full round coin with no cllipping, ex Gustav Pisani,Malta collection, ex Glendining May 1974, lot 75.

Vasconcellos silver four Tari lot 826, bought by Seaby for an Italian collector, sold for £7000.

Lascaris gold two zecchini lot 836. De Redin four Tario bought by Spink Zurick, price £1150.

Three four Tari coins of Nicolas Cotoner, dated 1665, 1666 and 1667.

Gregorio Carafa lot 856, four tari bought by Seaby and the three Tari, lot 857 was bought by Spink, both coins were ex Gustav Pisani,Malta, collection.

Perellos four Tari, lot 862, bought by Seaby.

Zondadari two gold four Zecchini coins dated 1722, lots 864 and 865. The 864 was bought by Spink for £2800 for a Swiss client. This coin re-appearded in LHS lot 176.

Vilhena four Zecchini, four coins lots 869,870,871 and 872. The silver exceedingly rare sixteen Tari,lot 885 bought by Spink and was later sold at the LHS sale, lot 196.

Despuig the extremely rare silver six Tari, lot 900, ex Gustav Pisani collection, bought by Spink, later at LHS lot 213 for Sfr4000.

Emmanuel Pinto, the extremely rare silver two Scudi 1764, ex Gustav Pisani collection, ex Glendining 1974 lot 261. Rohan (coin listed as under Hompesch) the exceedingly rare twenty scudi dated 1778, having on the obverse crowned arms of the Order and on the reverse St John standing, bought by Spink for £15,000. This coin was later at the LHS lot 257 sold for Sfr50,000 bought by a Maltese collector.

Emmanuel Azzopardi

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