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Important KOM Auctions #1

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I’m going to start a series of analysis of auctions featuring Knights of Malta coins to help members follow the great collections, prices realized, trends and hopefully some lucky collectors can spot their coins among those featured.

I will give a little narrative of each auction and highlight the special pieces there.

The auctions are in no particular chronological order to spice things up a bit. These articles will be archived in the Malta Numismatic Society webpage. My thanks go to John Gatt for information about the coins’ records.

I’m starting with LHS103 held in Zurich on the 5th of May 2009.

LHS was formed in 2005 to replace Bank Leu numismatic section and Adolf Hess AG, old established firms and was headed by the late Silvia Hurter.

A few good Rhodes period coins featured such as a Fluviano Zecchino and Gigliato pair.

Lot 372 was a beautiful Zondadari 4Zecchini, last seen at Glendining 1960.

The star of the show was lot 370, a beautiful Lascaris portrait 2 Zecchini which hammered at an eye watering 85,000 Swiss francs.

My personal favorite is the Vallette Carlino, lot 368.

Beside being a stunning small coin, it’s pedigree raises its importance considerably.

It was first seen at Glendining 1974, the first Emanuel Azzopardi collection as lot 54. We see it next at the fantastic LHS99 auction of 2006.

After selling in our featured auction for a modest 850 francs we can finally see it at Michael Otto’s famous Künker 246 sale.

Who is the lucky owner of this beauty today?


Colin Formosa.

Secretary General

Malta Numismatic Society

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