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Important KOM Auctions #7

20th November 1885

On the 6th of April 1895, Guglielmo, Prince of Montenovo passed away. He was born in Parma, the grandson of the last Holy Roman Emperor Francis II, son of the General of the Austro Hungarian cavalry, Adam Neipperg (from whom he chose his Italianized title) and Princess Maria Luisa.

He also became an accomplished cavalry General but is remembered mostly for his love of Numismatics.

He was the founding member of the Vienna Numismatic Society.

He had two great auctions, one in 1885 which we will feature and one after his death.

He was a contemporary of Schlumberger and many of his coins are featured in his great work.

He was an avid collector of the coins of the Knights of St John, with a fine selection of Rhodes and Malta.

Adolph Hess chose Franz Falk to value the Italian and Malta section.

The star coins in my opinion are;

4Taris of Homedes (1553), Gessan, Nicolas Cotoner, Perellos and Zondadari

Gold includes Zecchini of Vallette, Del Monte, both Wignacourts, Perellos and Vilhena.

See the values (in Deutsche Mark) given, which relatively are pretty close to what we consider right today.

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