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Important KOM Auctions #4

Auction Series. #4;

Today our Flux Capacitor will carry us to 1867.

The Bohemian nobleman Karl Gustav von Schulthess Rechberg’s opus, the catalogue of his vast collection has been posthumously published by the Dresden brothers Julius and Albert Epstein unfortunately after the great collection and library have already been auctioned off.

Schulthess was born in Zürich in 1792, and was a man of great wealth and a lust for knowledge.

He was a bachelor who referred to his coin collection gallery as his nursery.

His interest was mainly Central European Thalers however a few choice coins of the Knights of Saint John feature among the 7500 coins of his collection.

The interesting pieces include a Vallette ‘Elephant’ medal.

A very rare Perellos 1699 and a Zondadari zecchino.

My choice piece would be the extremely rare Del Monte 3Tari, of which only 2 coins are recorded in private hands. The fantastic one featuring in Michael Otto’s Kuenker 246 sale in 2014 ( could this be the same coin?) and one that appeared out of all places on eBay a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately no pictures or plates exist of this collection but I hope you’ll still find it interesting.

Colin Formosa

Secretary General

Malta Numismatic Society

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