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This book is a project of passion written by John Gatt. It has taken twelve years and included hundreds of hours spent researching and photographing the coins of the Knights of Malta at museums and private collectors throughout the world. It is a hard-bound book of the finest quality with 427 full colour pages and over 5,800 photos.  The size, weight, rotation and edge type for over 2850-coin varieties has been listed which is close to twice the number listed in all previous catalogues. Images of all the coins are shown indicating the differences of each variety.

The number of each variety found in museums and in private collections is shown, giving an accurate indication of your coin’s rarity.

Coins Minted by the Knights in Malta by John Gatt

175,00 €Precio
  • The Special price of 175€ is available to paying MNS members only!

  • All Non-Malta shipping arrangements will be charged at a flat fee of 50€

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