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MNS Facebook group

Our Very active Facebook group

Having discovered 3 different varieties of Knights of Malta coins and boasting over 800 members from all around the world our Facebook group is an indispensable tool for any Numismatist. With posts varying from Ancient Phoenician or Romano-Maltese coins to British banknotes or recent medals, all Numismatists are welcome.

Articles published in our blog are regularly discussed and peer reviewed. This is done to ensure only the latest information and research is discussed thereby confirming MNS' position as the authority capable of ensuring continuity in experience and Numismatic data.

We actively partner with various museums and institution, both local and overseas assisting them in monitoring their collections and publications.

Mr. John A. Gatt

This site has images of all the coins in his collections, which includes coins from the Roman period when Malta and Gozo were called Melita and Gaulos, and coins of the Knights of Malta, that were minted in Malta between 1530 and 1798.

There is also a link to his book ‘’Coins Minted by the Knights in Malta’’ a comprehensive catalogue of 427 pages in colour with over 2850 varieties which is twice the number previously listed.

You will also find links to other items of interest including a brief history of each Grand Master, articles, list of books on the subject and other private collections.

For owners of his book, there is a section where you can see every coin listed in his book and view it in full screen. Also, a list of all new varieties found after his book was published. John was one of our first registered members of the Malta Numismatic Society and has kindly donated a copy of his book to the MNS library.


Branded as the local Malta dealer for Coins, Stamps and Collectables, Remy strives to deliver the best collections at the most competitive prices, whilst taking into consideration delivery logistics.

Remy also hosts a variety of Gold & Silver jewellery, Ingots and other particular Jewellery of different interest such as moon stones amethysts and more.

Centrally located in the heart of the Sliema shopping area, Remy Said operates a retail outlet in Cathedral Street as well as a mail order sales derived from their e-commerce site, Ebay and Catawiki. Remy holds the position of Vice-President of the MNS and has kindly provided premises to the society.

Coins and medals of the knights of Malta

Selling and trading coins and medals of the knights of Malta which were in circulation in Malta during the reign of the knights, 1530-1798.
Coins and particularly medals are very rare and hard to come by. Some may even fetch hundreds of thousands of euros!


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